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Just think about it! There is no wiseness required – Some healthy habits and carefully chosen foods is enough for successful flat stomach diet and you’ll get nice looking belly as those from fashion magazines. Most important is to avoid foods that inflate you, drink plenty of fluids and of course tiny effort regarding exercises is a MUST! Feel the power, the first part here will focus on food consumption and in second flat belly diet part, we’ll say something about flat stomach exercises.

Flat stomach foods you should include in your recipes plan:

  • Dry meat, eggs, all kinds of fish and sea food.
  • Soy, dried vegetables, nuts, peanuts, almonds and other similar fruits.
  • Cereals, integral bread and wholegrain pasta.
  • Green vegetables – raw and cooked.Flat Stomach Diet Foods
  • Roots: carrots and other similar …
  • Vegetables: celery, onions …
  • Dried fruit: figs, plums, grapes …
  • Seasonal fruit.
  • Grainy foods.
  • Vegetable oils.
  • Spices: basil, rosemary …
  • Chocolate but only with condition, they should not contain more than 75% cocoa.
  • The most important: non-carbonated water and all kinds of teas.

What to avoid while having flat stomach diet plan:

  • Food that retains water in the body: sweet or very salty meals.
  • Refined products (which lost large part of its nutrients): French bread, white bread, rusks …
  • Dairy products, even lighter ones, because their fermentation causes bloating.
  • Foods rich with saturated fats and salt.
  • Carbonated beverages and industrial fruit juices.
  • Animal fats such as butter, lard …
  • Coffee and alcohol.
  • Eating prepared in sauce.
  • Fried meals, potatoes, eggs and the like.
  • Refined (non-integral) pasta and rice.

Reminder tip: Your flat stomach diet must recommends this – Drink plenty of fluids

You must not forget to drink water throughout the day because water has an important role in your metabolism. It helps in easy digestion of what you’ve eaten and also facilitates tummy and intestines work.

Flat stomach tips that prevent headaches and starvation
Combining nutrition and exercises the right way is what can give you fast flat stomach diet. You must adhere to certain healthy and reliable rules because maintaining your health comes on first place – isn’t it?

Flat Stomach Diet Plan tips

Have you noticed that when people say diet, many of them think of starvation and giving up favorite foods? However, it’s not like that. Dieting should involve minimal sacrifice to be successful. Starvation may give short-term results and you will reach your desired tummy weight but greatly risking your health.

Imagine what it would be like if you don’t need to starve yourself. Simple changes in your lifestyle, eating habits and some proper flat stomach exercises can help you reduce tummy heaviness , but will not leave you hungry and eager for candy, snacks … For example, if you have plate of homemade soup as main meal, later will contribute in consuming less heavy digestible foods. It does not matter if you consume vegetable or plain chicken soup, it will “slow down” and curb your appetite. However, great dieting program must give warnings for which products are full of hidden sugars and calories.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you replace processed products with whole grains?.. as they have the purpose keeping you full longer time. They also contain high level with fiber which also helps and improves your digestion. The consumption of whole grains such as brown rice, barley and oat bran is a good strategy to fight excess tummy. You will saturate faster and consume fewer calories.

You already know this flat stomach rule – Ever since we were kids, we were taught that eating quickly is wrong. Maybe it is time to take it seriously, because it is absolutely true fact. Let’s determine example: fifteen minutes for each meal. This is one of the most important habits when comes word for flat stomach diet foods without sacrifice. Eat slowly and enjoy every bite until your scheduled time expires. Eating slowly allows you to eat smaller meals and before all they saturate you, while eating quickly blocks satiety and leads to overeating.

  • Interesting expert advices you can apply immediately in your eating plan

Flat stomach fast dieting can be accomplished if you add little diverse in fitness programs and monotonous tummy loss tips. Experts are constantly on the lookout for interesting tricks that people will love and accept immediately in their everyday life. Flat stomach experts claim that shaping and toning the abdomen part can be fun and simple. Below you’ll read interesting exercises and movements that will help to achieve the goal for firm belly.

1. Mini session with abdominal dance: Strengthen your lateral abdominal muscles the fun way with dance movements.

  • Stand upright and transfer the whole body weight on the left leg.
  • Put your right foot little forward and slightly to the left side, relying, barely touching the floor with your fingers.
  • Lift the right hip, and then lower it. If you put your hand on the right side of the abdomen, you will immediately feel the muscle contractions.

Make at least 20 repetitions on the right, then 20 from the left side. This easy and effective exercise can be done virtually any time (as long as the ads lasts on TV, talking on the phone, etc.)

2. Fill-out your plan with abdominal sitting exercises: Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? The following two exercises can be done during short break while working on the computer or surfing the web.

  • Sit with your butt as much as possible ahead on the seat of the chair. Bend backwards so you can rely your upper back part on the backrest chair. Tighten your abdominal muscles and lift your right knee up, and then lower it. Do 15 repetitions with the right leg and 15 with the left.
  • Sit on the front edge of the chair. Tighten your abdominal muscles and without using hands, slowly bend backwards until you tap the backrest with your head and shoulder. Then, without having relax get back to your original position.

3. (For women and men’s too.. :)): Clean the house with a vacuum cleaner. Pushing a vacuum cleaner back and forth is a great belly workout without feeling it. Using the broom is also great domestic activity that will flatten your middle part of the body.

4. Imagine that there is a sticky gum to the backrest of the chair: While you are home or out at a coffee shop, imagine that the backrest of the chair has a sticky gum. That way you will not rely upon and will be forced to keep the upper body firmly, which will further activate your abdominal muscles.

5. Play some tennis: Every swing with the racket activates lateral muscles, experts say. Besides, running left to right is a great cardio activity which exercises your whole body.

The area around the stomach is the most problematic for many people. In fact, nearly half of people reading this website admitted, when in bikini or bathing suits are most ashamed of their tummy.

The good news is that excess stomach is solvable problem. Flat figure requires only desire and commitment!

Don’t miss a word of this: Tricks for flatter body you can apply immediately
Stomach fat will not drop off until you give some effort, but here are some appealing, fitness expert tips that can help you speed up the process for getting flat.

Have a glass of wine with dinner
Although alcoholic beverages are synonymous for empty calories, one study showed that people who run flat stomach diet and drink one or two glasses of alcohol per day, they gain less weight. The reason is, women’s eat less when they drink alcohol, but this does not apply to men because for them it is the opposite, they tend to eat more when they drink alcohol.

Use abdominal workouts with pilates ball when having flat abs diet
Instead of the usual workouts, do them with pilates ball. They are more efficient. However, for melting belly fat only regular workouts are not enough. They will help you build muscles and tighten your abdomen, but abs will not be seen because of the fatty tissue. In order to get rid of fatness, combine strength and endurance exercises.

Include short but effortlessly workouts in your flat stomach diet
It has been proven that people who exercised 30 minutes a day at a rapid pace lost more belly fat than those who exercised 50 minutes with slower pace, although both groups has spent the same number of calories during the workout. The fact is that your body is much tired after rapid pace workouts and continues to burn calories because exhausted muscles need more fuel to recover.

Sleep at least seven hours
Canadian researchers investigated the relationship between sleep and weight gain. It has been shown that people who sleep five or six hours gain 2.5 pounds more than those who slept seven to eight hours a day.

Yoghurt – The more the better
A study published in the journal “International journal of obesity” stated that persons during diet drunk three cups of yogurt a day lost more fatty tissue than those who were on the same diet, but instead yogurt they used calcium. It is particularly interesting that the people who drank yogurt lost fat exactly on the abdomen.

Eat integral bread
It’s revealed that people who eat more whole grains have less body fat, including that in the abdomen. Whole grains make you feel full longer because are digested longer than processed grains.

I’m sure that by now you can see that you won’t find these benefits anywhere else. The next addition for ways to obtain and maintain a flat body I’ll write about abdominal exercises. Tips you can use in your flat stomach diet will continue, come back!

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