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Fascinating, if your goal is to shape your abs, there is a proper flat abs diet nutrition that you must follow if you want fast results. Failure caused by foods you eat on a daily basis will quickly cause anxiety in you and constantly wondering when there will be results. If you really want to get results quickly, you have to take control over your flat stomach diet and start feeding your body with foods that help in calorie burning.

Flat abs diet and what you need to flatten your stomach:

  • The meal after training, is one of the most important factor for developing abdominal muscles.
  • Low level of sodium and low-fat diet will help you drop excess fat.
  • Proper type of fats and proteins are essential for acquiring ripped abs even flat abs after 40.

“Without a doubt, the single and most important meal that helps flatten your belly as paying attention to, is the one you consume after workouts.”

Flat abs diet plan you should know about, if you want to improve the look of your abs

Flat Abs Diet Scientific Tips

1 – Do not skip meals after ab exercises
Without a doubt, this meal is the most important in your flat belly diet. Many people make mistake and skip it, assuming that this actually helps to burn more fatness. However, here lies the biggest mistake. The period after your training, is the time when consumed food is stored in your metabolism and sifts under your muscle tissue. If you really want to increase your ability to lose weight, increase the percentage of daily calorie intake. Enter these calories immediately after your workouts and decrease them from other recipes.

2 – Have flat abs diet recipes that contain proteins
If you use very strict diet, it’s recommended intake of proteins that can replace some of the lost fat. If you want a solid figure, the following advice will be essential for you: Focus on natural proteins such as chicken, fish, egg whites and intake of red meat should be reduced to minimum.

3 – At least one day in a week you should have recipes with high level of carbohydrates
Do not give up on carbohydrates. Many people who are trying to gain belly muscle make mistake and kicks all carbohydrates from their flat abs diet, except hairy vegetables.

A word of caution: Your flat abs diet book must advise that when all carbohydrates are removed, your metabolism weakens, which hinders fat loss. Therefore, with carbohydrates, metabolism runs faster. Therefore, it would be better if you have one, two or more days in which recipes are rich with carbohydrates.

What science has to say about flat abs exercises
Fitness industry is a crazy thing, especially when it comes to successful flat abs diet. For example, if you want to have “six-pack” in full gloss you usually hear two things:

1. Too easy to be possible – A method known as abdominal muscles in 5 minutes. This is usually spoken when ads running about some abdominal device or some new product for melting fat, but if this works, each person would have good looking abs.

2. So hard that it must work – Just imagine: 60 to 90 minutes of training 6 days a week. Now, if you really have that time and energy for such regime, go forward. This unfortunately is true reality for flat abs fast achievement.

Therefore you inquired whether there is a flat abs diet and exercise program that really works and whether you can adhere to it. The answer I’ve found from Mike Vane and Greg Rasmussen, coaches from “Results Fitness Club”, is that they confirmed the existence of such flat abs workout program.

Important fact from “Results Fitness Club”: Despite and during recession, their center grew up. The Reason? Coaches developed a program that reduces weight especially for tailored people who have less time to exercise. The requirements are simple: 30 to 40 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

Here’s what they advise when it comes mixing workouts with flat abs diet:

NO – Do not focus only on stomach muscles to get rid of fatty tissue
Back in 2002, as estimated by scientists from University of Virginia was found that it takes 50,000 + belly workouts so you can melt your belly fat.

Today, 10 years later, this research looks funny because without a good diet exercise is futile. “I’m surprised by the number of people who believe that tummy fat can be removed by simply performing exercises for abdominal muscles as believing that it is most effective way to remove excess stomach and show muscles – says Mike”

YES – Train every muscle of the body
“Muscles are primary consumer of fat,” says Rasmussen. To contract, muscles need energy, because you spend calories when exercising. But unlike running and driving bike, resistance training causes significant damage to muscle fibers. And that’s good. “Burdening your body can accelerate metabolism and continue like that in next two days too.”

That’s the reason why you should not neglect a single inch of your body. It’s worth maybe twice as many regarding legs, the part which most men only train once or completely ignore it. Proof? Scientists at the University Syracuse found that people spent more calories after they workout the lower body part than when trained the upper one. Why? The lower part has more muscles. Conclusion? “Wisest approach for someone who does not have enough time for exercise is to train the whole body every other day,” says Rasmussen. “It will let you to speed up your metabolism at maximum level that will last whole week.”

NO – Do not start a workout with exercises just for abdominal muscles
“You can make a million tummy workouts, and still have a weak foundation. We see it every day.” – explains Vane. The reason? Classic workouts for abs activate muscles that allow bending of the lower spine part. The actual foundation exercises (trunk), on the other hand activate muscles that prevent the folding spine. Moreover, muscles allow you to transfer the power from the lower to your upper body part and vice versa.

Trunk exercise activates these stomach muscles, also including hips and lower back muscles.

 photo flat-abs-diet-exercises_zps4ef72d26.jpg

YES – Start your training with trunk workouts

“In our gym we observe everything. We found that people achieve far better results if trunk exercises are performed at the beginning instead of the end.” – says Mike.

If firstly devote to strengthen your back end, you will be able to lift more weights and thus will activate more muscles and you’ll spend more calories. Always try to think long-term success.

Flat abs diet recommended exercises:

1. Stretch as far as you can and squeeze the muscles of your lower body to a point when someone try to hit you in your tummy. It will strengthen your body and prevent shifting backbone. Hold the contraction during your entire exercise.

2. Squeeze your fists and hold them during the entire exercise. It will create a solid bridge between your body and legs and will prevent “collapse” of the hips.

3. Press your elbows on the floor, stuff your top back part up and pull the shoulders to the feet. It will “lock” blades and will further strengthen the body.

flat abs diet recommended exercise

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