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Flat Abs Exercises People Overlook In Their Fitness Effort

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Flat abs exercises concept may sound simple, but its implementation can be quite challenging because it requires dedication, time and patience for finally be able praise your abs look but at the end the effort is worth it though. For being flat, you have to lose excess stomach fat and build muscle mass.

General tips – Strengthen your abdominal muscles and lower body fat percentage
Flat Abs Exercises Plan
As first step, is required to have flat abs diet that includes smaller meals for dinner. Large and heavy dinners tend to slow down fat burning process because most people are not physically active after dinner. However the claim, that your entire eaten dinner is stored as fat, is entirely inaccurate. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an excellent choice for appetite suppression in the early evening, not to mention the other health benefits. A handful of walnuts or almonds for dinner can also help flatten you belly. Many people who are committed in practicing say the muscles are build in the kitchen, not I the gym. There’s a lot of truth. You can do thousands of exercises every week, but if your diet is not right, you can forget the flat and sculpted belly, with “Tiled”.

Start with a simple calories reduction that you enter every day. Eat about 15-20% below your level of calories needed to maintain (BMR) of normal bodily functions. So, if you normally ate 2000 calories per day than reduce your daily caloric intake to 1600-1700 calories. Split the calories into 5-6 smaller meals instead of 2-3 larger and be very aware of the portions size. If you eat too much of anything, you can say goodbye to nice looking abdominals. Eat raw foods as much as possible. Raw foods are full of enzymes that help your body digestion and better assimilate essential nutrients that it needs. In contrast, cooked food, in which heat treatment leads to the formation of empty “invalid” enzymes, requires more energy and time to digest and deliver nutrients.

3 overlooked flat abs exercises
When having flat stomach exercises, you have to remember that they are indirectly involved with almost every exercise that train your body. Knowing this, just classic ab workout are not enough.

Here are a few neglected flat stomach methods that you should mix with your diet and training routine.

# 1 Plank

Bridge or “plank” is one quality exercise that strengths entire abdominal area. But do not hold the bridge just 2 minutes. Anyone who want flat abs can do it. Add element that will be as challenging as it was the bridge when you started to make it. Make your body under a much smaller base of support.

Plate Transfer Plank
Remember to avoid bending when you move your hand up. Use a weight not exceeding 2 kg. Keep your tummy firm and focus on returning all the weights back to their starting position before making a break.


# 2 Trunk Flexion

Classic sitting ab workouts promote poor posture, almost as all daily postures. When you train, it’s important to move your body to larger and unnatural angles that include ab’s movements.

Hanging Leg Raises
Grab the shaft with a grip wider than your shoulder width. Keep your feet close together and bring your knees near to your elbows as possible. This exercise is more effective if you maintain a bent elbow position while you do the movements.

Return to your starting position slowly and controlled – this is part of repetition where your stomach work really hard, so try to do it slowly as much as possible and without much shaft friction. Focus on series with 6-8 repetitions each.

# 3 – Carry More

Carrying weight in your hands is great exercise that promotes strength of your body and provides fitness explosiveness. But when you have a weight in one hand, things are changing. Abdominal muscles work more intensive in a way allowing you stability needed to raise the weight upright.

Suitcase Deadlift
Stand besides sets of weight with certain heaviness. Lower down and strongly grasp the rod center. Lift it with one hand, but make sure you stay upright without the weight pulling you on the other direction. Hold the weight about 2 seconds then turn it back to the floor. Focus 8 to 10 repetitions.

  • Never forget:

If you want effective exercises to get a flat stomach, eat clean meals that contain protein and carbohydrates. Reduce sugar and avoid soft drinks. By controlling these factors, you’ll get rid of excess stomach and your flat abs exercises will end successfully.

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