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You are probably wondering why fast flat belly diet doesn’t last? Here is why.. Like many people, you too try to get rid of excess stomach too late and summer is almost here. It’s the wrong way doing it! With fast diet, you torture your body with starvation and when look on other side, you make decision that diets don’t work or they produce results but do not last! It is better to choose a method that will not tire you. Just eat fewer calories, and let it become a habit. It is very easy, simple as said!

The first part about flat belly diet, we explained some diet tips as which flat belly foods should be eaten to obtain and maintain a flat stomach. But as I mentioned in the first part, it is not enough, you need to do some workouts so the effect for “flat stomach” be final. This part will present you the simplest flat belly diet plan regarding exercises, which can be done in different moments of the day.
Flat Belly Diet Plan
Light, fast abdominal workout

1. Finally draw your belly!
If you do abdominal exercises every day or several times a day but do not see any results or if your stomach still “looks fatty”, then you should employ from time to time the so-called exercise “deep belly”.

The secret is in the indentation of your lower and upper stomach parts at any time of the day.

  • Go down the street? = Draw your tummy!
  • Waiting for a taxi? = Draw your tummy!
  • You are on classes? = Draw your tummy!
  • Read this article? = Draw your tummy!

So you fold down the upper part of the abdomen below the rib cage and the lower over the pelvic region, with which you’ll achieve effect that will surely help you sexy tummy this summer.

2. Flat belly diet floor exercises
In the morning, put on the floor your beach towel and do 100 abdominal workouts. The type is not important: regular cycling or similar can make the magic. 100 abdominal workouts will not take more than 2-3 minutes, and the result will be exciting.

3. Flat belly diet self-massage
Practice has proved that self-massage is good supplement abdominal exercises but with one condition – if you use them daily. It stimulates microcirculation and reduces water retention in the belly.

Circular technique is required. Some moisturizing cream is needed for self-massage, massage oil or a special cream that strengths your stomach. To start, put little cream on your belly, and then if necessary add more.

With the help of your hands grab the skin in between your thumb and index-finger and massage it (roundly), starting from the lower part of your abdomen, but you need to stop when you feel pain. It is good enough to repeat this procedure several times a day, for example, after showering will have visible results.

Add these flat belly diet tips, use them to achieve thin tummy
Fast music rhythm and stronger sounds lead to fast eating and not thinking of how much you actually have eaten. Of course, with that you’ll bring a lot more calories. So, while you eat listen to music that relaxes and think on your meal. Be careful in chewing and swallowing food.

Chips are certainly not healthy, especially not recommended when you want to remove excess stomach weight, but if you just can’t resist it, opt for a smaller packaging. Do not buy family packs. Tests have confirmed that when you have a great package of potato chips, you will eat whole and you say “stop” until you clear the whole package. The same goes for junk food – always choose the standard portions. The same is true for the popcorn you buy for snacking at the movies.

We know that some foods aren’t good for our health, and we eat it not taking into account the quantity. And this is not good. Replace butter with olive oil and eat integral bread – although some foods are generally healthy, take care of the quantity.

It is enough to see some food and be tempted to eat it. When you’re at work, have healthier food snacks at your vicinity. Ideally, forget the candies. Remember, if you encounter with candies it will be difficult to resist them. And if you find yourself in a situation of chocolate bars temptation, a box of cookies or something like that, remember that you are on flat belly diet and want to lose stomach weight!

Surprise a Friend!


Hey there my name is Goran Nikolov and i like to thank you visiting this awesome website about how to get a flat stomach and maintain the same. So, if you have you been trying to slim your waist and failed, get excited as, as you scan every word of this web page you will begin to realize what secrets for flatter belly means indeed. You don't realize it yet, but in the 2 next minutes you're going to learn what is needed from you to be able to slim down your abdominal part and look great in your favorite clothes.

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  1. Hello to every body, it’s my first go to see of this blog; this webpage includes
    amazing and actually excellent information in favor of visitors and me.

    Deff will try out these flat belly diet tips and let you know the results.

    Keep up with the good work

    1. Hey Phil glad you love the idea of getting flat stomach altho you should be interested in getting abs :P.

      These are the most simple yet very effective tips that can be implemented in our every day life.


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