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What The Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

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This piece of content is about losing weight and keeping it off forever as how to have a proper flat stomach diet plan. With that being said, sit tight and read on as, as you’ll read further you’ll discover why you fail when dieting as which diet plan is the right one for you!..

Flat Stomach Diet Plan

I know life is hectic. You got a boss who’s a jackass and the commute to work is grueling. There’s not enough time in the day to eat healthy. Life is tiring as far as YOU and ME are aware off …

Yet It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way!

You know, losing stomach weight is about eating less and moving more. Yet more people are overweight now than ever. Obesity is a pandemic! The fact is, you don’t know more breakthrough information on fat loss or gimmick exercise equipment. It seems that every week, there’s a new “breakthrough” for belly fat loss. Some guy with a mustache and a lab coat on TV claims that you can lose tummy weight, simply by gulping down this pill and the fat will melt away.

Ha – yeah right.

The secret to losing overall weight and keeping it OFF FOREVER is eating less and moving more. Yet people on TV won’t tell you this. Why? Because there is no money to be made! Profit is the main motivation, so every week, there is a revolutionary “diet pill” or “instant weight milk shake” for you to buy. And people buy it up by the arm full, because it’s part of human nature to look for shortcuts and the path of least resistance.

Marketing works, I’ll give you that! But marketing is simply caters to human nature – especially your tendency to look for short cut and miracle pills. So the markets deliver.

You Don’t Need Any Of That Crap! Keep reading …
Fad diets don’t work. You know that. Yet it’s human nature to look for short cuts, so you try it anyways. It worked, then we get off of it. We get the fat again – oops. Time for another fad diet of the week, huh?

The secret to successful flat stomach diet has been hiding out in the open all this time: eat healthy food, drink water and move around more. I know – it sounds like I’m repeating myself (I am). Yet it’s part of human nature to complicate things more than it should be. If it’s simple, you THINK it can’t be true.

Extra tip: Did you know we have more than “a brain?” The brain consist several parts. The neo cortex is the intelligent part of our brain. It tells us “we should eat healthy and exercise!” while the basal ganglia (the reptile animalistic brain) tell us to eat fatty foods and sleep all day. Because we’re largely influenced by the basal ganglia, we love to eat food full of fat and sugar. It explains why human nature loves instant gratification.

So if you ever scratch your head and wonder why the average person is $7000 in consumer debt and watches 4 hours of TV every day, it’s the basal ganglia brain that loves instant gratification and short cuts. But No Worries! We can re-program our brain by slowly changing our habit. Imagine eating healthy for life. Imagine exercising for life.

Healthy Habits To Stay Skinny For Life (this is for real?)
Habits are easy and effortless to do, much like driving your car or tying your shoe. Now imagine having the habit of eating healthy – it’s like turning on the TV. Effortless and easy.

Possible? Indeed.

People in Asia are naturally skinny, simply because of their eating habits. “You Are What You Eat.” So you want to establish that eating healthy habit. The biggest fallacy I heard is “eating healthy is expensive”. I laugh every time I hear that, because eating healthy is cheaper in the long run (let’s say, not paying for hospital stays and living longer – I caught your attention now, huh). Beans, lentils , frozen vegetables and oat meal are great foods to eat for a flat stomach which bought in bulk are cheaper than eating out.

Motivational video that will force you to change your bad eating habits. Look what Dr. Oz has to say about belly fat:

Weight Loss Is About Small Healthy Habits
Let’s pretend you have a soda drinking habit that is causing you to gain 10 pounds every year. Instead, you switch to green tea which contains zero calories and actually helps you lose stomach weight. Then you eat a little less meat and white bread, and more vegetables and fruits. You lose more weight.

You take 20 minutes out of your day to walk around your neighbourhood or do yoga. You lose more weight. And the next thing you know, you look like your teenage self again.

Your Body “Tricks” You Into Getting Fat
It’s part of human nature to overestimate what you can accomplish in the short term, and underestimate what you can do in the long term, which ties in with…

In college, the “fresh man 15” is common. What is that? It’s called the fresh man 15 because they gain 15 pounds during their first year in school.

So the 19 years old college boy/girl eats a burger and fries with his/her friend. The burger isn’t going to cause weight gain right away, so it’s okay to eat the burger. So this is done once or twice per week. And the next thing you know, you are getting fatter. It’s easy to eat the burger and it’s easy not to eat the burger. Yet the error in judgement will become BIG over time.

“The safe way to lose tummy weight is 1 pound per week (4 pounds per week is a unsafe, by the way)”

Secrets of Fat Loss Factor Diet Revealed (Get a FREE Diet Sample Here)
Japanese women are thin and they stay thin. Genetics? Perhaps. But certainly, it’s what they eat. The old saying goes: “You Are What You Eat!”

When you think of Japan, you conjure up images of sushi, shop sticks and soy sauce. You can’t forget about the soy sauce! Unlike the Chinese people, the Japanese are not a big fan of stir fry. Everything they eat is low in fat, low in calories, and low in salt and sugar. Such flat stomach diet plan for teens means less chance of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The typical Japanese breakfast consist of steamed rice, miso soup, soy beans and dried seaweed. It is low in salt, sugar and calories. In contrast, the typical American diet consists of French toast, bacon, eggs, and sausages with a glass of orange juice. This breakfast has a metric ton of salt, sugar, fat and refined carbohydrates.

Eat the American breakfast every day and the pounds will quickly add up. The “American breakfast” was great – back when people were farmers. Excessive calories and protein was needed for a hard day of manual labour. In present day’s time, most people sit in front of computers. The most laborious task of the day is shuffling paper and pushing buttons.

Modern day life is sedentary. You drive to work, take the elevator, and sit for 8 hours. A hundred years ago the gym was a foreign concept! You desperately need to change your diet – and it should start with your breakfast…

The Perfect Breakfast To Start The Day
You may like the traditional breakfast – or you may not. I like flexibility, so instead of telling you what to eat, I’ll give you a general guideline.

If you want successful flat stomach meal plan, avoid meat, dairy products and refined carbohydrates for breakfast. Eggs, bacon and sausages are not good for your body. Instead, eat more vegetables, fruits and unrefined carbohydrates.

Fruit Breakfast

STOP. What is the difference between refined and unrefined carbohydrates?
— Refined carbohydrates are processed and manufactured. It’s so bad for your body because the minerals, vitamins and fiber are LOST. Examples of carbohydrates are: white bread, pasta, cake, pies, pastries, white flour, pie, e.t.c.

Every time I eat refined carbohydrates, I feel my body dying inside. Oh gosh.

In contrast, unrefined carbohydrates are food that is more “natural”. Think brown rice, oatmeal, beans, lentils, whole grains and vegetables. If the food is packaged in a box, it’s probably refined carbohydrates.

So you want unrefined carbohydrates for energy. Great! Then add fruits and vegetables into your breakfast. If you’re busy (everyone is nowadays, huh?) then make a fruit smoothie. Juicing is amazingly healthy. I love mixing fruits and vegetables and getting my boost of energy in the morning.

Tired in the morning? Try green tea. My flat belly diet plan consist green tea with minimum amount of sugar. I love green tea! I usually drink 10 glasses per day.

Whenever I see kids drink soda pop for breakfast, I cringe inside. Most “fruit juices” are not real juice. It’s often from “concentrated” which is full of sugar and other chemicals. If you are serious about your health, avoid fruit juice. Instead, buy a juicer machine and get real, unprocessed juice.

A Word About “Hidden Calories”
Japanese women drink green tea and water. Soda pop isn’t popular in Japan. In contrast, the West loves drinking at Starbucks, sugar drinks and vitamin water (which contains calories!). A can of soda pop has 140 calories. If you drink 23 cans of soda pop, it will add 1 pound of fat onto your body.

Imagine Drinking 1 can of pop per day. That’s 1 pound of fat per month, or 12 pounds of fat per year. Diet soda pop is no good either because it contains aspartame. Aspartame is linked to cancer, multiple sclerosis, depression and headaches.(opens new window tab)

Depressing, I know. The good news is that you can stop drinking soda pop and fake fruit juice. When going through caffeine withdraws, you will experience headaches. Fight through it! Once you’re freed from the chain of soda pop and fruit juice, your body and wallet will thank you. Switch to tea, coffee and water and experience a new surge of energy (and weight loss).

How do Japanese women get skinny and stay skinny? They include lot’s of green tea and water in their flat belly diet which helps them lose weight by curbing appetite.

The Effortless Way To Lose Fat (Dr. Charles Fat Loss Factor Is Based On Okinawan People Diet – Get Free Sample Here)

Okinawa people are known for living long (as in, 100 years old long). They are also known for being very thin. What are their secrets? It’s their diet and carefree lifestyle.

Before I reveal the diet tips in Dr. Charles FREE e-book about how and why Okinawa people are slim, I want you to humor me for a second. Why do most diets fail? Why do people on diets lost 25 pounds … only to regain the weight again? If you said, “Because they go back to their old eating habits”, then you are correct! (You win a bottle of wine. Let me know when you’re around town).

People view dieting as a “quick fix”. They want to lose the weight for the wedding, or high school union, or for the summer. I don’t blame them – we’re brainwashed to believe in instant gratification and overnight success.

Yet, if people want to lose weight – and keep it off – the flat belly diet meal plan must be viewed as long term. A lifelong habit, if you will. There is this disconnect between mind and body. People will go on diets (often times unhealthy ones, like the high carb diet) and see the fat burning off.

Underneath their skin, their organs are struggling to function. Did you know a famous diet founder – I won’t name who, but you could probably guess – died from a heart attack because he was overweight? He popularized the high protein, low carb diet.

We Only Have One Body, So Let’s Make It The Healthiest, Sexiest and Fitness Body AROUND!

Whenever I see an overweight lady or man – perhaps 200 lbs. – I imagine him/her to have been a skinny teenage in the past. Sadness washes over me. I wonder what went wrong. Were they too busy with work to cook meals at home? Or did they indulge in comfort eating?

Anyway, the Okinawa people eat mostly unrefined grains and vegetables and eat fruits, dairy and meat very sparingly. The Okinawa way of dieting suggests you should only eat meat, poultry and eggs only 1 to 3 servings per week.

In contrast, people eating the westernized diet eat meat, poultry and eggs every day, often times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The heart takes a beating from all of the fat and cholesterol.

There is a famous phrase among the Japanese: “Hara Hachi Bu”, which means eat until you are 80 percent full. How do you now when you’re full? A good rule of thumb: The meal portion should be the size of your fist.

Will you go hungry? Maybe at first, but your stomach will eventually shrink to the appropriate size, and your appetite will curb. Studies shown that eating smaller meals is better than gorging on 3 gigantic ones. Eating small meals allows your stomach acid to fully digest the food, and this prevents unnecessary food being stored as fat on your stomach as that is the place where all weight gain starts!

“Eat smaller meals, and eat healthier snacks in between. Drink water or green tea. You’ll train your body to consume less food. And before you know it, you’ll lose the weight and stay skinny.”

I know – old habits are hard to break! Cake, donuts, muffins, and croissants are so good! So is fruit juice and soda pop. What is life without sweets?! Yet, I want to live longer. I want to be healthier. We can seek pleasures through other things, like traveling, good conversations and a glass of wine.

We can dive into health science like complex carbohydrates, metabolic rate, and saturated fat. But I love keeping things simple as life is too short to drive into science when good wine and conversations are around the corner.

You know un-refined, un-processed grains, vegetables and fish are good. You know too much fries, steak and soda pop are bad. Yet, the bad habits are hard to break because it’s ingrained. We live in a busy society and we need instant microwave meals, the 5 minutes abs and fast food drive-throughs.

But getting fat is not pleasant. Your co-workers may be overweight but you don’t have to be! You can change your bad eating habits – one day at a time. So let’s take it easy, and change your eating habits, one day at a time (you’ll ignore crash diets definitely).

Slowly Change Your Diet Using These Tips For Flat Stomach – Here’s How…

Studies found that people who made small habit changes succeed far more than their peers. A glaring example would be: New Year Resolution for people that join the gym.

Every year, thousands of people join the gym during the New Year, hoping to get fit. About 97% eventually drop out about 3 weeks later. About 2% will stick to it for 3 months. One percent (!) will commit to exercising for life.

The problem: They exercise extremely hard for 3 weeks to “burn fat and tone the body”. Because they exercise so intensely they run out of will power. Every gym sessions seems to be exhausting and grueling. So how is it possible to keep this up for years? So the mass of people quit going to the gym in about 3 weeks.

People get fat over the holidays, and then hit the gym during New Year to lose some stomach weight, and then call it quits. It’s understandable, since we live in a busy society. Besides, not everyone desires to have a beach body, you know.

The solution is to start small and slow. I have been going to the gym for 3 years now. I take it easy, and exercise twice a week, for 30 minutes, but for the exercise to take effect your weight loss effort must start from your kitchen as You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet! – Get free sample of a great diet here.

When I first went to the gym, all I did was sit on the bicycle station and cycle for 5 minutes before going home. I did this for months! I watched the mass of people quit during the New Year … and then here they come again, 12 months later. I was still there at the gym, except I was 30 pounds lighter.

Start Eating More Fruits and Vegetables, Every Day
This will be your first habit change regarding diet plans. Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, yet low in calories. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of eating vegetables because I have to wash them, dry them, and cut them up. It seems like a tedious process. So for the longest time, I didn’t bother with eating vegetables.

But … I discovered a secret … frozen vegetables! Frozen flat stomach diet foods are better than fresh because they are already cut up and frozen at the farm. The nutrients are preserved, as opposed to the fresh ones that are decomposing on the store’s shelves. Correct?

So I buy this frozen vegetables mix, it contains broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, green peas, and corn. I eat it every day without fail. I recommend that you don’t use salad dressing bought at the store because it’s full of fat, sugar and sodium. So disgusting. Instead, make your own salad dressing.

As for fruits, I like eating apples, oranges, mangos, pineapple, and avocado … you name it! It’s great for snacking, and I eat it every day. Eat your vegetables and fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snack on it! Love it. It’s your new best friend!

Consume More Whole Grains For Flat Stomach

Whole grains – as opposed to the crappy white flour – are good for your body. It can prevent cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Did you know that white bread was only served for the rich? Back in the 1700’s, rich, Aristocrat families would get colon cancer, compared to the peasants who couldn’t afford re-fined flour. It they only knew …

There are so many different types of un-refined grains. The popular ones include oats, Jasmine rice, wheat, buckwheat and millet. For cooking whole grains, I recommend an electronic steamer. You put the grains in, pour in some water and wait for it to cook. All Asian families own at least one electronic rice cooker. Some families own three or more (in case one breaks down … :).

“The perfect breakfast for everyone is oatmeal with fruits and nuts. I eat oatmeal every morning. It’s great.”

What’s absolutely disqusting is the commercial cereal, which is full of sugar. It has no nutritional value and it cost plenty of money. Hmm, I wonder who profits from all of this? Do you know why healthy food never gets advertisements? There isn’t any money to be made!

Get Some Calcium – But Not From Dairy …
Growing up as a kid, I remember “drink milk!” was all the rage – isn’t it? Commercial and sponsorships from the government suggested everyone should drink milk, especially kids. Hmm, I wonder why? My mother would buy milk and say, “Drink up, you’ll grow taller!”.

I drank a lot of milk and ate cheese as a kid. I grew tall enough – I’m about a head taller than my parents. It’s the milk, alright. But milk isn’t good for our health – cholesterol clogs the heart. Not to mention the bad chemicals that are being pumped into the cows today … There are other sources for calcium – such as green vegetables, soy, spinach, broccoli, cabbage … the list goes on.

Last But Not Least – Eat More Fish
Fish is a power food. Why? It contains omega 3 fatty acids, which helps to prevent heart attacks, helps your brain to function better, and strengthens your immune system. Scientists observed the Eskimo populations and found very few die from heart attacks. Upon further observation, scientists found omega-3 fatty acid acting as a blood thinner.

Nordic people are the longest lived Europeans. They also happen to be avid fans of eating fish.

I’m sure you have heard of omega 3 being popular. You turn on the TV and hear people scream: “Eat eggs! They contain omega 3 fatty acid!” but I don’t recommend it, because they also contain a lot of cholesterol. Instead, avid the egg yolk and just eat the egg whites. Yum!

The Fat Loss Factor Diet Summarized – Flat Belly Diet Jumpstart Plan
Eat lots of un-refined grains, vegetables and fruits. Eat some fish, nuts and flax seeds. Avoid dairy and meat. Don’t forget to drink green tea too! Simple, yes? I just saved you 5 hours of reading through the internet pages tome, looking for just this one simple tip.

Reading the Fat Loss Factor diet is easy but following it is hard. Changing diet is hard because you’re slave to your habits. Yet you can break free from bad habits if you take it slow and easily. – Unchain your unhealthy eating habit NOW

I purposely simplified the diet plan for you – so you can follow it without fail. My biggest hope is that you stick to it for 60 days. You will see changes. Prepare to be amazed …

The Fat Loss Factor Cheat Sheet
Here’s the cheat sheet for your next grocery shopping. Make these small changes and watch your health increase like crazy!

For staples in your cupboards, I recommend:

  • Olive oils instead of coconut oil
  • Brown sugar instead of white
  • Sea salt instead of table salt
  • Green or Jasmine tea instead of soda pop or fruit juice
  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain flour instead of white flour
  • Whole and almonds instead od potato chips or pastries
  • Beans (I recommend dried beans instead of canned)
  • Oatmeal, flax cereal instead of commercial cereal boxes
  • Eggs
  • Fish

That’s a long list!

I know – changing diet habits can be hard. That’s why I want you to take it slow and easy. For example, instead of fruit juice (it’s just sugared water from concentrated fruit) drink green tea or black tea. Do this for a month and you’ll be amazed how energize you’ll feel.

I have a childhood friend who drinks 2 litress of soda pop every day. He developed diabetes. He’s also … very overweight. I gently told him to try green tea ONLY for a month. He did (I’m proud of you, Goran) and he lost 10 pounds.

Once I saw the positive health benefits, I began to make more small changes. Do you remember my addiction to soda pop? Well, I quit that, and switched to green tea. Then I started to eat oat meal and fruits for breakfast. I lost more weight. I made switched from white flour to whole grains. More weight loss. I was amazed and I slowly became a very healthy person.

Time of your body as a biological machine. What you feed it will strengthen or deteriorate it. Make a slow switch to the Fat Loss Factor diet and you’ll reap the benefits.

Don’t let this be another motivation message. Write the list of suggested food down (mentioned earlier) and alter your shopping list. Be on the diet long enough and you will look healthier, younger and more energetic than your friends. They will be amazed.

Closing Words and Other Cool Stuff
Thank you so much for reading this piece of content. You have all the information and action plan needed to start your journey to become skinny and healthier person. All you need right now is the sustained motivation and daily habit to get there. But the journey is worth it because looking back at you in the reflection is a skinny person with that great looking body.

And year from now you’ll thank yourself that you started.

The road to becoming skinny may seem long and hard but remember we’re on this journey together. I know losing weight can be a painful journey because the inner embarrassment and pain is there. Yet we only have one body and a life time to lose weight, so stick to my advice and you’ll lose weight. It’s inevitable.

Whenever I feel down or sad, I remember that it’s merely a journey. Another thing that helped me a lot is remembering the “second consequence”. When I temped to eat a hamburger, the first consequence is that … it tastes so good. The second consequence is the weight gain! Likewise, when I don’t run, I know the sequence is eventually weight gain, so I pick myself up and run for 15 minutes.

I lost almost 40 pounds because I finally came to acceptance. I use to avoid mirrors because I knew I was fat but I wish I wasn’t. My friends were too nice to tell me of my weight. Something need to be done. I sat around feeling sorry for myself because I had a busy job and such, but I knew that it wont make me lose weight.

So i looked for “shortcuts” for weight loss. I wanted to stay away from diet pills and other harmful chemicals. I also didn’t want to buy any fancy gym machines because I know that people lost weight in the past without special machines. After a ton of research, it boils down to moderate exercise and eating healthy and in moderation.

Simple! Yet eating habits are hard to change, perhaps that is why the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar a year cash cow. New, revolution diet discovered every month! Amazing must buy exercise gadget! Special diet pill that promises overnight weight loss.

Lies and garbage. The answer to weight loss – and maintaining it, is so utterly simple. It was right under information – that is truthful – and the right action. It wasn’t complicated but it took some minor change. That’s it. And I’m very glad that took action and did the tiny changes because the transformation is incredible.

I lost weight and keep it off because I got motivated from YouTube and Dr. Charles diet. True story. Losing weight can seem daunting but I realize that time will pass by anyways, so why not change my habit and see the results, even if it takes a year or two? Funny thing is, 2 years passed by pretty quick and I’m glad I made the chances.

And one day, the habits will become automatic. Running and eating healthy is no longer a chore but something you just do out of habit. Your friends will be amazed at your body, you’ll be amazed at your body. Life seems to be an infinite source of joy.

And you’ll look back years from now and chuckle to yourself because you took the time and effort to read this piece of content and implement the action steps. When you have fully succeed by sure to contact me because we’ll have cocktails and cackle together.

Again, thanks for reading and learning what you should do and what should avoid when having flat stomach diet plan.

Have a nice day and PLEASE leave me a review below in the comment section and share this if you have friend that struggles to lose stomach weight!


Surprise a Friend!


Hey there my name is Goran Nikolov and i like to thank you visiting this awesome website about how to get a flat stomach and maintain the same. So, if you have you been trying to slim your waist and failed, get excited as, as you scan every word of this web page you will begin to realize what secrets for flatter belly means indeed. You don't realize it yet, but in the 2 next minutes you're going to learn what is needed from you to be able to slim down your abdominal part and look great in your favorite clothes.

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