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How To Have Flat Stomach Workouts and Stay Motivated
Everybody knows, the exercises we do every day (or at least several times a week) can become really annoying sometimes. There is always a moment when you give up and say “It’s enough, I don’t want to do this exercise anymore,” no matter how much we love fitness. This is a fatal moment that has done many people to give up and stop their flat belly workout or make, lead them to make break time too long. In addition there are some tips that will help you, so you would not lose your motivation and achieve even better results.

— Do you “really” have a problem with achieving flat stomach?
The problem is 100% mental! To solve it, you need to remember how all started. What motivated you when you started training? Ask yourself: “Is this what I want to do in my free time?”…

There is no man who wants automatic and monotonous lifestyle. If you are really bored by what you do, it is high time to change the way you do! Ask yourself some things about what you really want to do and what you don’t like while you do it. For example:

  • Why fitness? Want strength or better looking?; Or just a better way of life?
  • Music! Music solves almost 99% of your motivational problems. If you listen to your favorite music during your workouts, you will not get bored.
  • Alone!? Do you have flat stomach training alone or with friends? They will help on motivation too.
  • Practicing outside or inside? Is that free time important to you?
  • You don’t like some exercises? If so, there is always a similar exercise or any other act of the same muscle group.
  • No results? When you started with exercising? Actual results come after a few months of active exercise… remember that!

These are the few questions that will help you to understand what you really want, and what not. Motivation is indeed an important factor and sometimes motivation is what makes you achieve much better results. If you solve this psychological problem, it can unlock your physical abilities. Humans don’t know their limits…

— Never give up from your flat stomach exercises!
Prove yourself that you can control yourself, and do more than what actually doing, applying the following simple steps:

  1. Understand what you really want and what not
  2. Exercise regularly and combine different workouts
  3. Achieve your goals! Everyone has a target which is the main motivation to start doing something
  4. Be responsible and disciplined

I hope that this will help you to purify your mind free. Here’s what others have achieved with intense but effective flat stomach fitness, and what will you too if you put the effort needed:

Flat Stomach Workout Success

The Core Muscles
Core muscles are one of the most important in your body because they represent connection between the legs and your upper body and are invisible because they are located in the inner part of the body.

The Core Muscles

Core muscles (Wikipedia)

  • Front abdominal muscles – aka Rectus Abdominis (1)
  • Side stomach muscles, consisting of two pairs of muscles external (External oblique) and (Internal Oblique) (2).
  • Buttock muscle aka Gluteal Muscles (3) who’s biggest muscle, one that allows rotation of the hips and leg movement backwards.
  • The lower dorsal consisting of three pairs of muscles, (Quadratus Lumborum) (4) which hold your back in solid form and helps to bend over backwards, (Multifidus Muscle – multifidus spinae: pl. multifidi(5) which is the strongest muscle and the (Iliopsoas Muscles) (6) that are located around the hips.

These muscles helps in performing the most important human functions: breathing, coughing, vomiting, discharge of urine and faeces; protect internal organs from injuries; allow bigger jump and running faster; give greater force to lift larger weights, and those who have weak core muscles have back pain because they provide support to the weight of the upper part.

For all including you, make sure to include exercises that strengths your core muscles, as they are the ones that makes you strong and successful, be able to effectively run, throw, jump and climb. The upper and lower part of your body should function as a whole and not separately.

Flat stomach workouts for core muscles:

Flat stomach workout fitness for core muscles strengthening

Ab Workout For Flat Stomach In 2 WeeksDesigned Just For Abdominal Area
These workouts are designed specifically to act on your abdominal part only. They can be performed by anyone who regularly exercise whether it is male or female.

For these exercises there aren’t any specific requirements, only proper performance is required.

— Exercise program:
Do these exercises every other day, at least two weeks, and then you can switch to the next level of exercises of this type which will be shown in the next article.

— How they function:
Doing aerobic exercise to flatten your abdominal muscles more than 7 minutes, stimulates the capillaries in this area. This increases the blood flow. Greater blood flow means a greater flow of oxygen and fat is melted only when the presence of oxygen is high. Toned muscles, requires more calories to stay active. Your organism tends to release these calories from the area near the active muscles, thus burning fat in that area.

— How to perform these exercises:
The exercises are made to act on the abdominal area “aerobic.” If you perform six pack workout immediately after aerobic exercises (such as running, swimming …), they will improve the positive effect. Pay attention on the instructions below to perform the exercise properly and make sure to breathe properly. The only way for you to achieve the best possible results is if you breathe properly!

Best flat stomach workouts video below, now.

It’s Confirmed: Dieting Without Exercise Has NO Effect If You Want To Lose Stomach Weight
If you hold low-caloric diet and hope to lose stomach pounds, do not expect too much if you don’t practice anything. In fact, one study found that reducing meals from your flat stomach program and substitute them with healthy alternatives is not sufficient for tummy weight loss. Researchers from the University of Oregon claim that this is so because the natural mechanism of compensation reduces physical activity in response to insufficient calorie intake.

“This research showed that the flat stomach diet by it-self will not bring any significant results. It should be combined with physical exercises to achieve the desired goals” – explains the study author Judy Cameron. To conduct the research, Dr. Cameron and colleagues studied 18 female monkeys. The animals were on nutrition/diet rich with fat, few years in a row. Then returned to the low-calorie diet where is monitored their activity and weight.

“Interesting, but no significant changes in weight. But there were changes in the activities. The natural level of physical activity began to decline rapidly after the monkeys were given low-caloric food. When calories are reduced, the level of physical activity is reduced too” – says Cameron.

Another group of monkeys had a normal nutrition and daily training of an hour. From this group all reduced weight.

“Our research shows that there is a natural body mechanism which keeps the energy in response to a reduction in calories. Food for humans and animals may not be always available, but the body found a strategy which successfully match with it” – concludes Cameron.

The Components Of a Fitness Program – Flat Stomach Workout Routine
A good fitness regimen should include three basic components: resistive (Shiloh endurance exercises), aerobic exercise, and stretching (flexibility exercises). In this peace of content you will get familiar with the basic points that you need to get started.

— Shiloh endurance training:
It is necessary to apply these exercises at least 20 minutes a day, twice a week. Simplest programs include 8 to 10 different types of exercises with loading your main muscle groups on legs, body, arms, shoulders and chest.

— Aerobic activity:
30 minutes of brisk walking, 6-7 times a week is a good start. Sure, free running is a much better alternative as you lose weight much faster, cardiovascular and respiratory systems is strengthening too.

For running – a few tips and facts:

  1. Do not run fast – when you don’t have enough air, fat can’t oxidize. It creates lactic acid that causes fatigue and muscle fever. The best pace is the one, when you can calmly talk without feeling shortness of breath.
  2. Try to run at least 30 minutes – so the effect will be much better.
  3. Be persistent – you need to stay in shape when you want to, not only reduce weight, but also to maintain your current condition.
  4. If you are overweight, try a brisk walk.
  5. Cycling in most cases burns fewer calories than walking and running.

— Body elasticity (flexibility training)!
Do these exercises 10-15 minutes at least 2 times a week. One basic mode includes 8 to 10 types of exercises on all major muscle groups.

— How much is enough for flatter belly?
Studies show that to achieve the maximum health benefits from your flat stomach workouts plan, you need to burn between 700 (minimum) and 2000 (optimal) calories through moderate aerobic activity. Burning more than 2000 calories is not a waste of time, on the contrary – it leads you to develop athletic capabilities. Here’s one possible way to achieve this.

Brisk walking (about 6-7 km / h), burns up to 65 calories per mile. Thus, to lose 700 calories a week, you need to go around 11km or a total of about 1 hour and 45 minutes. To reach the spending of 2000 calories a week, you need to walk 32 miles, or about 5 hours. In addition, you need to do exercises for shiloh durability and strength.

— How much effort should be invested?
As mentioned above, it is advisable to use longer and more frequent sessions of moderate activity than shorter but intense sessions. Numerous studies show that the amount of aerobic activity is more important than its intensity. In addition, moderate load is safe, while intensive effort, especially in fast running, increase the risk of muscle and joint injuries. In older people intensive aerobic exercise burdened their heart.

How to find out if the intensity of your workout you do is moderate? Some indicators are: breathing deeper than normal, a little sweating… If you experience shortness of breath, you begin to sweat, vomiting heavily, this means that you crossed the intensive part.

Another way to estimate the load is a measurement of the heart rate. At moderate loads that is 50-60% of maximum capacity. For accurate results, you need to take into account the number of beats during a workout, because after stopping exercise, your pulse rapid declines.

7 Tips For Strong and Pronounced Abs
Stomach exercises are easy, but proper training and support in their development … it is not that easy. Well, here are a few tips to make sure that there is no chance for you to become the biggest enemy with your own tummy:

— Do not eat carbohydrates that are quickly digested:
Flat stomach foods that rapidly supply your body with carbohydrates increase your insulin level, which stops the fat burning and increases fat storage, especially over your abs. Carbohydrates that you should avoid are ones from white bread, potatoes, soft drinks, sports drinks, sugar etc.. Instead, use whole-wheat products, rye, oats, fruits, vegetables, beans and brown rice. There is one exception: You can eat fast carbohydrates immediately after exercise when they will be directed to increase muscle recovery and growth.

— Do not neglect isometric exercise:
This means tightening of some part of your body, such as abdominal muscles and hold in that position (something like bodybuilders do when posing). To do this, tighten every muscle of yours and hold up to 6-10 seconds then relax 6-10 seconds. Make 10-20 such iterations. This is a great way to practice your stomach while you are in the car, stretched out on your bed or on your desk.

— Do not forget your breathing:
When you do some workouts, such as abdominal, breathe out when you do the workout, I mean when you rise up your belly. This is important because it helps in better muscle contraction and efficiently ab exercises. Keeping the current position of second or two makes the exercise more effective.

— Do not stop:
Usually people do stomach workout series with 8-10 or 12-15 repetitions. However when you are doing some serious exercise, you can’t reach the number of iterations. Therefore, instead of doing a number of reps you do the exercise until you feel that you can’t anymore.

— Do not forget the weight:
Many people are concerned that from such exercises their abdominal muscles will become thick and protruding. However, abdominals are muscles as biceps, so they should be defined and separated apart from others. Do some sort of exercise using weights in batches of 8-10 repetitions for optimal development of your abdominal muscles.

— Do not do exercises for abdominal muscles first:
Some trainers advise you to do abdominal exercises first in order not to forget them later. But this is not good. A recent survey about how to get a flat stomach, researched by “Weider Global Nutrition” found that when professional builders did exercises for abdominal muscles before leg exercise (squats), they managed to make fewer iteration of squats than might do when abdominal exercises are done after leg exercises. This is so because all the abdominal muscles work together to stabilize the core, allowing it to produce more power. If you exercise first abdominal muscles they get tired, and that reduces stability in your core muscles and weakens the base and your ability to generate power for other exercises.

And as last but important tip: Whether you have flat stomach workout at home or at gym, do not exercise your abs always at the same speed. It is recommended changing the pace you perform the flat stomach workouts repetitions of slow and controlled to fast and explosive, as this allows the muscle fibers to build more power, strength and size.

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