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How To Plan Flat Stomach Fast and Healthy Meals?

“To be fast, not to bother too much, and to taste good eg; be delicious!”

This was recently received in response to the questions: “How to get a flat stomach fast” and “How do you want to feed your-self?“, from someone who is a professional in his work and says that there is not much time for “proper” food consumption as preparation too.

This often opens an interesting discussion, and I remembered that some time ago attending nutritionist seminar, famous nutritionist spoke about this flat tummy fast requirements subject. Therefore we present you the solution that nutritionist Susan Bowerman has to share about this topic:

“It’s easier to flatten tummy fast if you stick to a healthy tummy diet and use not so shared tips for planning quick and healthy meals”

Flat Stomach Fast And Healthy Foods

There are two very important extremes when becomes a word for meal preparation and faster things up. Among all belly dieters out there, there are folks who simply never plan their diet journey. They are the ones that do not implement any discipline as tricks in their food consumption manner. But, there are others, the better half of people that always plan their foods and make the same as a daily routine. So, continue reading to discover some great tips for “quick” and “easy” meal planning!

  • Always have a mini catalog of quick and healthy recipes to which you can always refer to! Super easy and nutritious recipes you can implement in your flat stomach diet are easy as free to find. Cooking magazines and the internet are populated places where you can have a mix of several to choose from. Thus the same can be rotated over a few weeks so your evening meals will become not too boring. You’ll always end up with something different to eat.
  • Always have a healthy main food product on hand! Keep vegetables, fruit and seafood in your refrigerator, tuna, tomatoes, chicken soup and, spices and herbs. With these flat stomach foods on hand, you have all what’s needed to start with a healthy soup or pasta dish that can be combined together in any moment which can help you to flatten your belly.
  • Look for short-cut tips to virtually use everything! Frozen vegetables can be substituted with fresh ones and previous prepared items like washed lettuce or chopped vegetables can really save your time in meal preparation. Buying whole boiled chicken or finished types of healthy meats from your grocery store are also excellent time-savings.
  • Prepare once cook twice (or more)! If some healthy recipe calls for half of the chopped onion and bell pepper, you can speed up your future meal preparation chopping further, as the excess ingredients can be kept and stored for another day! While you’re preparing turkey spaghetti sauce, why not use the rest for tomorrow and use to prepare healthy stuffed peppers?

If you are organized enough to plan meals for a few days ahead, it will make your life a lot easier thus have the time to combine flat belly fast and healthy recipes. Once you have chosen a recipe, you can make your shopping list for this week. When you have the recipes and ingredients on hand, your struggle with meal planning for flat stomach is practically trampled.

In general what I like to pull out as conclusion is that you need to invest a little time in planning your meals, and not bring your-self in a situation eating in your closest fat food restaurant or what’s closer to you at that moment… :).

The “Pay 1 – Get 2” Nutrition Can Get You In Hospital In No Time!
There is a joke about two girls who had just finished their lunch at a restaurant where they were not been before. The one says to the other: “The food here is not tasty at all!” The other added, “Plus the portions are very small too!”

And that exactly what we are! Even when something that you don’t like… it is still “ok“, as at least had more in quantity, right?

To get more for what you pay, always come at first place when buying something. Since you was young you are taught that you should get “more” for “less”. It’s great for most things butttt… you’ll face a huge problem with food! Forget the phrase “I want a flat stomach fast” if you aim to get more for the paid money because the same can lead you to more calories, fat … bigger butt and flabby stomach!

  • Marketing companies that offer junk food plays a major role. You buy a hamburger and smiling face on the other side says, “Do you want fries with in it? Usually cost $4 but with the burger you can get it for plus $1!”

Full shot! So you get more for your money. Indeed more.

Now, too bad it is not the same as when you buy vegetables (at least in most cases). You never get extra onions if you buy tomatoes or buying carrots and get free beets. Why? As they are healthy! Just thing about it! Healthy never comes free!

How To Protect Yourself From “Something” That Makes You Eat More Thus Stopping You To Get a Flat Stomach In 2 Weeks?

Focus on nutritional value instead of getting gratis fries or extra ketchup and mayonnaise! All starts from that, what is your goal? If your goal is to get more food for less money, than let it be the food that will bring you more nutritional value.

Yeah, right!?.. :(
Yeah, right!?.. 🙁

Or on the other hand, with those money you can buy:

  • Carrot (vitamin A that you need during the day)
  • Orange (vitamin C that you need during the day)
  • Banana (healthy amount of potassium that you need during the day)
  • Several branches broccoli (contains plenty of folic acid that you need during the day)
  • Little beans (protein and fiber you need)

+ Train the sentence: “No thanks!”, for those pay 1 get 2 foods!

You’re the person who decides how much to eat! You not only have the right to decide, you have the “OBLIGATION” to take care of your body because it represents your personality and gives you the energy needed. If the restaurant decided to give 100g + of whatever you order, the same do not mean that you have to eat the whole of it!

When you spot the satiety, stop and immediately set the dish aside or ask for packing and bring it home. Determine how much is enough or get consulting form some proven nutritionist and see how much food you need during the day to have all the necessary nutrients for flat stomach in a week achievement.

8 Flat Stomach Exercises For daily Calorie Battle!

Flat Stomach Exercises

Winter is the time when your body, accumulate greater amount of fatty tissue than usual. So let’s prepare you with some flat stomach fast exercises that requires only 45 seconds each for winning your daily “war” calorie battle.
To be brief, here’s the video:

5 Extremely Great Benefits From Drinking Water In The MORNING + Mini Test

  • Drinking water on a “empty stomach” actually allows bowel purging thus preparing the same to “soak” all the nutrients that will be consumed during the day.
  • It increases the production of new blood and muscle cells.
  • I assume you already know this… Help in reducing excess weight. Drinking at least half a liter of cold water can trigger your metabolism by 24% more than usual.
  • Shiny skin. Water helps to clear toxins from the blood that helps your skin to be clean and shining.
  • Balance your lymphatic system. This helps to better perform daily activities, balancing fluids in the body, and of course, helps in fighting with infections.

Benefits of drinking water

Do you drink enough water during the day? ( study!)

A Simple Water BALANCE Test

Take a blank sheet of paper and draw three vertical lines and form three columns. Head the first paragraph with title “to 12h”, the second “12-18h” and the third “18-00h”. In the first column write what you ate and drank until 12h from the previous day. In the other two, logically follows the same but for the rest of your day.

From this you can see:

  • How much of your diet is based on water;
  • How many fluids that you enter in your body are water-based.

Experts say that 60-70% of our bodies consists water. Therefore our daily diet or what “passes” through our esophagus during the day should be 70% pure water or water based foods (vegetables and fruits). Liquids such as soft drinks and milk are not considered as water-based fluids.

What is the result of your test?

Most people who consult with us, looking for tricks to a flat stomach fast, are amazed when they see that they forget the most important element-water.

A key element in successful abdominal weight loss is the necessary daily consumption of water + starting your day with the right breakfast, combined with some flat stomach fast workout can do wonders for your body! If you think that you’ll lose weight more quickly by skipping breakfast you are dead wrong, as what this will cause only is weight gain because having breakfast will give you the right amount of energy to start up your day thus avoid overeating later. That’s why for flat stomach fast achievement you should never forget the importance of breakfast.

In my next article I’ll write some tips about how to get a flat stomach fast in a week with proper breakfast preparation.

Till next time… Give your-self a vital life!

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