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By the time you read this, you’ll find out that achieving flat stomach in 2 weeks is not hard as everybody say. With that being said, read further and discover why you face difficulty in reduction and strengthening your stomach and why the results are not always as you wish. Besides exercises, here I’ll suggest a few other ways which combining the same can make you look good in your desired clothes for the summer or…

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Still here?… Great, first, to wrap up what is needed for flat stomach, as best practices for the same, then I’ll go in deeper explanation about exercises as how to perform everything for high-end effectiveness.

You Are Not One Of Those That Quit

So, as you read further, you’ll be introduced with the necessary changes you should make in your daily nutrition, errors you probably make during your training as which are the best workouts for beginners!

1st: Abdominal exercises are must, they are hard, but effective
Fitness experts say that most people have strong abs, but they generally are not visible due their obesity!!! So, to be visible, the body should be as slim as possible. To reduce your fatty tissue around your abdomen, you should combine aerobic activities (running, swimming, cycling) with flat stomach workouts strength training (weights, push-ups, sit-ups). In addition, you probably know that it is impossible to reduce weight from one particular part of your body, which means that the exercise program you have is beneficial for your overall organism.

2nd: Different diet, daily nutrition
If you want to achieve a lean, flatter stomach you can’t rely just on exercises. In fact, there’s another key element you must look for: dieting. Why? Simply because you need to lose weight in order to flatten your belly, not just exercising. I’ve already mentioned which flat stomach foods you should use, but again I’ll expose the top of them you need to incorporate in your daily diet.

  • Whole foods

This is not an actual tummy food. Instead, it is a crucial guideline when you buy foods in general. Avoid getting processed, refined foods. A huge amount of research proves that processed foods are the leading cause of obesity and heart disease. So, go for whole foods, even if they’re a bit pricey. How much worth your health?

  • Eggs

Eggs are a great source of proteins. Moreover, eggs contain lots of essential amino acids which are responsible for getting a lean stomach. Consumed in the morning, eggs will make you feel less hungry during the day, which is really important to avoid overeating.

  • Veggies

Which healthy eating plan doesn’t contain vegetables? None! Veggies are simply essential in getting the body you want, but there’s more than that. They benefit your body (and mind) in so many ways that I need another article to describe them all. Keep in mind that you should eat vegetables every day, especially when you eat out. Fennels and carrots are two tasty veggies you can eat whenever you want.

  • Fruits

You can’t go wrong with fruits. You can eat them whenever you feel angry and they help you stop eating junk foods during the day. Which fruits are the best? Apples, bananas, blueberries, grapefruits, oranges, apricots, strawberries, prunes, cherries, black berries and raspberries. Even if fruits are great foods, moderation is the key. Flatten belly in 1 week can be achieved only if you balance your diet.

  • White meat

Read meat is not the ideal food for flatter tummy. In fact, you should aim for grilled chicken or turkey. Avoid fried chicken, it’s just wrong for your body, even if it tastes delicious. As a garnish you should go for green leafy veggies.

Nutritionists and fitness experts both do highlight the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day (a total of 2 l daily). In addition, they advise people to insert more fiber in their diet, but without water, this process would not be effective. Water raises the content in your colon, which provides regular defecation and prevent flatulence. The easiest way to enter fiber in your body is eating oatmeal or cornflakes cereal for breakfast. In addition, avoid eating fat meat. Meat is hard to digest, so it can stick in your intestine for several days. Adding proteins from beans, lentils and mushrooms in your flat stomach diet will make your weight loss effort much easy!

Drink Water For Flatter Belly

So far, we analyzed some of the best foods for flatter belly you can eat during your daily diet. They are whole foods, veggies, eggs, fruits, white meat and of course water.

Tip: If you suffer from bloating, consuming tea from dried parsley and one teaspoon cumin powder is a great for reducing tummy flatulence. Preparing: Put them in boiled water, cover with plate or lid and after 10 minutes consume the tea on an empty stomach.

A key element in dieting is consistency. Try to incorporate one food at the time and in a matter of weeks you will have a completely new healthy eating plan.

3rd: Walk as much as possible
Buy a pedometer and count your steps! The goal is to walk every day, up to 10,000 steps. Sounds hard, but it’s not – walks are harmless form of recreation, pedometers are not expensive and it is considered as the easiest from all existing flat stomach fast exercises. Moreover, fitness experts advise to tighten your abs while you walk.

Errors In Abdominal Workouts
If you want to get flat abs in 2 weeks or well defined taut belly, you need to know how to practice properly. These are the six most common ab exercise related mistakes that will regress you if not dealt with them on time:

1st error: To have a strong stomach, you should practice every day.
Truth: The abdominal muscles need rest and regeneration. Muscles grow only when rested. 3 to 5 constant, dedicated trainings for thin belly weekly will help you reach your desired goal.

2nd error: Effective abdominal muscle exercises last half hour.
Truth: If you need a half hour to feel the effects of your training, you are doing something wrong! Sometimes is enough having sessions of 5 minutes, but it is important to set the momentum and intensity according to the form in which you are at the moment. Remember, quality is more important than quantity.

3rd error: Extremely slow stomach training will make you belly stronger.
Truth: Spending one minute per boot will not have a greater effect than the normal boot. In fact, slow boot is less effective. Ideally, the exercise should help you do things better, from kickboxing, up to picking up a briefcase, and none of those activities are not performed slowly.

4th error: The best time to exercise your stomach is at the end of your workout.
Truth: There is no physiological difference for when to exercise your stomach. All what matters is that you do it repeatedly.

5th error: You can’t clearly define your abs by practicing just pilates.
Truth: Pilates is an effective way of exercise and if properly combined with diet and cardiovascular training, can bring you the right definition. Normally, no one can guarantee that because the definition depends on genes, your weakness momental condition, how big your stomach is, how tall you are, etc..

6th error: Unable to strengthen muscles without exercise machine.
Truth: You do not need weights to make smooth, sexy abs, although professional athletes use such to increase endurance and strength. Above all, most of the machines for abdominal muscles are not designed for women. And if your machine does not match the size, the focus of your exercise can be transferred in the wrong place.

Therefore, your floor remains as your safest and cheapest option. Inexpensive, effective and available everywhere!

Flat Stomach Exercises – Abdominal Workouts For Beginners
In today’s world, where you can find information on pretty much anything you can think of, it’s become harder to trust the source of those informations. This is particularly true when someone is searching for how to get a flat stomach fast in a week, which is not always possible, so people fail in the guru’s trap buy some program and then fail to achieve that and get disappointed.

So, what are the best exercises to flatten your abdominal muscles? What workout you should avoid? How many repetition you should do? For free?

In this part here, I would like to give you the top 3 belly workouts that helped me the most. If you are particularly out of shape, you should start working out slowly and build from there. Keep in mind that consistency and rest are equally important when it comes to losing belly fat. Before investigating more on the best abs workout, it’s important to know that your focus should be on doing multiple exercises. By doing so, you’ll cover the entire range of abdominal muscles which are located in your: upper, lower and your obliques area.

Without further ado, here are the most preferred workouts for getting flat stomach in a week. The reason why we decided to start with the lower abdominal muscles first is because they are the weakest group of muscles on this part of the body for most people. But do not exaggerate with the first training series and repetitions.

  1. Scissors: 3 Series; 10-15 Repetitions
  2. Abdominal curl: 3 Series; 10-15 Repetitions
  3. Side body workout: 3 Series; 10-15 Repetitions


  • Start: Lie on your back with arms at side, palms facing down, feet apart and slightly bended knees.
  • Movement: Push your heels off of the floor for approximately 15 cm, then start with small, quick intermittent leg-shaped scissors movements and basket movement of a few centimeters from the floor up to 45 degrees.

Scissors Exercise

Abdominal curl

  • Start: Lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor and bended knees of about 60 degrees. Place your hands beside your thighs with palms down.
  • Movement: Lift your body up, moving your hands towards your feet, then slowly return to the starting position. If you have trouble performing this exercise, keep your hands close to the floor. If you are hard with that too, then place your hands on the floor.

Abdominal curl exercise

Side body workout

  • Start: Lie on your right side, keeping your left leg over the right knee slightly bended. Place the right hand in a comfortable position.
  • Movement: As you drag your feet, loser your body and left leg. Make contraction and slowly go down. Make repetitions on both sides to complete the series.

Side body workout

Additional Tips – Exercise Consistently For Flat Stomach In a Month and Long Lasting Results
The real key to burn the stomach fat is to keep your cardiovascular system active. A famous Harvard Medical School’s research shown that 30 to 60 minutes of moderate aerobic activity helps your body burn the excessive fat. Running, cycling and swimming have a great fat-burning potential. For those who are injured or overweight, walking represent the ideal cardio workout.

Do you see the great potential of these exercises for flat stomach in 2 weeks? With a complete range of trainings that cover all your abdominal area (upper, lower and obliques) you begin your journey to flatter tummy you always wanted. Now, stop reading and start doing!

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Hey there my name is Goran Nikolov and i like to thank you visiting this awesome website about how to get a flat stomach and maintain the same. So, if you have you been trying to slim your waist and failed, get excited as, as you scan every word of this web page you will begin to realize what secrets for flatter belly means indeed. You don't realize it yet, but in the 2 next minutes you're going to learn what is needed from you to be able to slim down your abdominal part and look great in your favorite clothes.

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