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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about how to achieve flatter and healthier waist! Answers from website:

1) Why I can’t achieve flat stomach, despite the exercises I make?
Here is why you don’t have a flat stomach!

Have you ever asked you’re self, why despite the fact that you’re on a diet, you simply can’t reduce your tummy? Notice, sometimes you need to pay attention to the way of life. Stress and rapid lifestyle, especially fast foods affect your body more than you think! – Citation gathered from: Beyond Diet and how to Trim a Bit of Belly Fat Every Day by NEVER Eating These 5 Foods

  • Flour

“Beer belly” is often not the result of the beer, but grains. If you eat a lot of flour products with high Glyco-chemical index you get the famous “beer belly”. Today’s cereal, even integrals actually are hybrids that have up to 10 times more gluten than grains from 50 years ago.

  • Stress

A word of caution, stress affects hormones. Cortisol is produced by the same gland that also produces adrenaline. And the cortisol is a consequence of chronic stress which can precipitate, disrupt hormone balance and what occurs next is belly fat accumulation. Among women, there is also an imbalance of estrogen levels that can lead to storage of fatness in the belly. In men, however, the level of testosterone does the same.

  • Comfort in food

Actually, if you narrow down stressed situations with sweeten foods that are high in refined sugar, carbohydrates and bad fats, expect more stomach fat. Try to find another way to alleviate stress.

  • Insomnia

As you already know, quality sleep is one of the most important steps to flat stomach and for everything else too. It is recommended that you sleep for 8 hours. Also, before you go to bed try to sit back, relax and make sure the temperature in the bedroom to be moderate and be complete darkness.

2) Which foods as tips can give jump-start and notice immediate results!?
Additionally, if your physical activity of your body is reduced to movements from the seat of your car, in your office or from the couch to your fridge, it is very easy to accumulate unnecessary fat and to encourage yourself to go on foot or to do a few exercises is a real achievement in your life?… then you can’t be more wrong than that!

As has been noted, today up to 75% of the population, totally agree with you – however concentrating unnecessary centimeters in waist is common characteristic for both women and men. But if you want to make you belly flat and waist thin – you must take action now!

3) Can food diary help?
Before all, consider your daily eating habits. Run food diary for two weeks and write in it as you eat and drink, stating the manner of preparation and scope portions. Do not forget to save the alcohol consumption and friendly picnics with barbecue.

Once you finish your consumption records, do yourself a list of useful products and show interest in the principles of a healthy eating. Check the result of the log with the norms of a healthy eating and calculate how much “right” and “wrong” products are eaten.

For every “useful” product write a plus, for each harmful – one minus and make a comparison. After you look the truth in the eye, will likely find the motivation to change anything.

4) Basic rule for reliable method?
Basically, world nutritionists are down on one thing – slim waist and flat stomach is not compatible with chocolate and cakes, baked goods, candy, sugar, honey, large quantities of nuts (especially salted), oil and refined products. Diet for flat stomach completely excludes cans, ketchup and mayo, ready-made juices etc. All of these products consider as your personal enemies.

You’ll have to bring a “veto” to sweets, custard creams, full-fat milks and full-fat creams. Under ban goes for products of first-class flour too. Oh, that’s just the beginning!

If you want to have a flat stomach, you need to completely quit alcohol and most beer – it contains phytoestrogens that disrupt metabolism and deposit fatness on waist. Forget smoking – nicotine impairs cell respiration and poisons the body, causing premature aging and obesity.

Remember, the salt is your enemy too – Reduce consumption to 4-5 grams per day (one teaspoon).

You will have a flat stomach if you eat:
* Raises from whole grains, cooked with milk diluted 1:1 or just water.
* Fruits – as a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. The waist “likes” citrus fruit, apples and pears. Watch out with grapes and banana.
* Fresh vegetables – you can eat in unlimited quantities.
* Dairy products with fatness that contain no more than 2-3%.
* Nuts, nutmeg and almonds in moderation.
* Seafood – they contain large amounts of useful and easy proteins and almost no calories.
* Meat, fish, chicken – cooked without fat or consumed fillets without skin. The meat should be clean, with no fat. Fish also do not need to be cooked with added fat. To make delicious dishes use spices – black and red pepper, cinnamon, cumin, dried and fresh herbs.

5) Are there any secrets for flat stomach?
Eventually, forming a flat and firm stomach takes time and patience. There’s only one way to reduce fat and thus getting a flat stomach. It is a proper combination of exercise, physical activity and stabilizing blood sugar (prevents fat accumulation and facilitates their use by the body).

Reduction of fat from one place is a myth!
First thing what you need to realize is that it’s impossible to reduce fat from a specific area of the body. Fat loss occurs systemically. When utilized for energy purposes, fat is spending from more places in the body, and we can’t control from where it will be.

6) I make only abdominal exercises and sill not results?
And not just abdominal exercises! Doing only abdominal exercises will not help much if you have a layer of fat covering your abs. The most important exercises when shaping belly and body are cardiovascular aerobic exercises. For example, fast walking, running, cycling and climbing stairs are great for burning fat. Many give up in the first minutes of exercise. It should be noted that in the first 10 minutes of Aerobic Exercise main source of energy are carbohydrates, so to begin burning fat it is necessary for continuously cardiovascular exercise from 30-60 minutes in one session.

It is important to know effective exercises that are designed for parts of the body that you want to work which can be derived regularly and properly.

7) Can I hold belly diet only and achieve flat stomach?
No! It is best to keep away from fried foods and sweet desserts. Losing abdominal fat is 50% diet and 50% exercise. Regardless of how hard you exercise, if the number of calories you have entered is greater than the number of calories you spend, you will only increase the size of your stomach.

8) What frequent eating have with flat stomach?
You need to split the calories intake in 5 small daily meals. It is much better than eating 2-3 large meals because it reduces the risk of overeating.

9) What patience has to do with flat tummy?
If you desire to get a flat stomach in 3 weeks – forget! Losing stomach fat and shaping the same requires time and the current size you possess. Gradual weight loss is healthier than fast and the results are more sustainable in the longer term. Your goal is a lifestyle change, something that will remain routine and pleasure for life. Life is marathon, not a sprint!

10) Are there any quick-tips for a flat stomach by summer?
Although, thanks to the famous women like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, curves are back in fashion, the soft belly that comes out from the edge of the jeans is definitely not IN and not even a little sexy. The good news is that such stomach usually has not any connection to the body type, but with food habits and lack of physical activity. So with little effort and strong will you can effectively remove belly fat and have pleasant summer. Use all this tips and enjoy bikini beach yet this summer.

11) Frequent meals instead of starvation?
Starvation and skipping meals leads to a feeling of hunger, which then you heal with chocolates and fast foods. Experts recommend that you eat more frequently but healthy and lean. It is advisable to consume healthy meal every three to four hours and an ideal snack could be yogurt, fruit or nuts.

12) Shorter but more intense training – Is it true?
If you want to remove stomach fat, long-term running will not help. World famous trainers recommend shorter and more intense workouts that burn a lot of calories and melt fat. Skipping rope, short aerobic exercises and exercises for stomach and back will help to flatten your stomach for a relatively short time.

Everybody knows this – Avoid salt!
Salt causes bloating, so avoid it as much as you can. If you don’t want your food to be tasteless, use black pepper or any other spice.

13) Big NO for soda drinks?
If you want to reduce stomach, and excess weight, urgently remove the habit of drinking sodas. They are the source of large amounts of sugar, calories and bloating and have no nutritional value. Replace them with water, prepared tea or freshly pressed juices.

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