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How to get a flat stomach if you are not a diet type person, neither like doing extreme exercises which if performed wrong, the same can just.. ooh waste your time, right? Wellll, there are indeed a few tips you can use thus obtain a nice toned and good looking flat stomach. So, once the shorelines beckon, whether it is spring in California, summer in Sydney, or all year-long in Hawaii, you need to get in shape. If you experience a little flabbiness around your waist, or simply need to-do a little tightening up, allow these suggestions for how to get a flat tummy be your guide.

First off let’s see some 6 + common things for flat stomach that you can use as FREE and EASY ways to reduce flabbiness, thus make the same daily habits and create different and healthier lifestyle.

How to Keep Your Stomach Looking Flat Encouraging Video

* Admittedly, many people suffer because of their expressed stomach. So what? Well here is why! When the food is retained longer in your intestines, it produces gases that increase the volume of your stomach. One of the most used tips for how to get a flat belly thus stimulating digestion is; After eating have a half an hour rest, lie on your back, bend your knees, and then tap about 3 to 5 minutes lightly on your belly. First, press your abdomen with your fingertips from the navel to the left and the right site, and then pat it gently with your hands. Pay attention, this tip alone should not be some routine that you must do every-day like you were put a gun on your head, you know, do it like a habit, do it of pleasure! Believe me, doing only this tip fires up your digestion process to the sky!

* Studies will soon prove that proper body posture does wonders. Stand in front of the mirror back straight with your shoulders back and you will see that proper holding serve to tighten your stomach! The effect is two-fold because when you retract your stomach, you automatically look slimmer! Or doesn’t it? Repeat this several times a day, trying to stay in that position for a few seconds, and you will strengthen your muscles. Again, let all these tips become your daily habit!

* Many studies have already proven that you’ll eat less if you use blue cutlery because blue cutlery suppresses hunger. Yes they do! Think about it, it is quite logical that your stomach during the day, gains volume. But if swollen from the early morning, the previous dinner itself may take the guilt. During the night, your digestion is slowed and difficult degradable foods fall hard on your belly. Therefore use this alone for how to have a flat tummy and make your-self a favor and eat a salad or raw vegetables only until 17h.

* Everyone knows… Thermal therapy ejects excess fluids from your body and quickly reduces your tummy size. Rub some anti-cellulite lotion on your waist line and leave it like that for about 15 minutes.

* You’ve probably heard that eating should not be rushed. A quick swallow + while talking, for sure will cause problems with digestion because you intake oxygen and the vast amount of oxygen puffs your stomach. Because of that, every bite you put in your mouth, should be well chewed. With this technique only, you’ll get satisfied quickly thus remain flat in your tummy and forget about how to get rid of love handles (only if you don’t have over weighted belly).

* There is no reason for this… Immerse yourself in the bath every night. You can get fantastic relaxing with this alone plus you can make a mixture of six drops of lemon juice, two drops of olive oil and two tablespoons of cream and therefore deliver all in that hot water. Stay in this aphrodisiac for about 20 minutes. The water temperature should be 38 degrees. This bath tip alone stimulates blood circulation and tightens your skin too, which results in what? Yes, in flatter belly!

Now, let’s see how to mix proper diet and exercises to get a flat stomach and successfully remove fat from your waist. As a matter of fact… if you don’t put your effort and heart into this, you will never get the desired goals. There IS a WAY to flatten your stomach; there IS a WAY to shed excess stomach weight, with eating! In fact there is a natural weight loss and guess how? With eating! You shouldn’t starve your-self never-ever, as if you do that your body will be forced to feed it-self from your muscles thus taking the risk of developing serious diseases. So, to continue:

As you already know, the fat on your stomach is very “persistent” type of fat and very difficult to remove, so that’s why is necessary the implementation of proper diet and exercise. Removing fat from your stomach becomes more difficult with the current ages, your metabolism slows down so it is very easily to gain excess weight, because you get older and become less active. So, how to get a flat stomach in 2 weeks and remove the unwanted fat from your waist the healthy way? By healthy eating of course! Dieting is more important than exercise, as your weight loss starts from your kitchen!

How to get a flat stomach

Diet for how to get a flat stomach in a month or so
I don’t have to convince you the importance of having a breakfast. So for breakfast always have some fresh cheese, slice naturally dried meat and integral bread. Combined with fresh grapefruit juices, lemons, tangerines or oranges can do wonders for your overall body this adding insane energy needed for the rest of your day. For snacking, grab some fruit yogurt, fresh fruit or integral biscuits. Regularly drink a mixture of herbal teas that do not contain much laxative components (ingredients for cleaning), such as hay, because you will easily throw out the excess liquid and accumulated harmful substances in your body. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you throw everything that is fried from your daily menu and instead use boiled foods? If so, here are quick and easy tips for how to get a flat lower stomach in no time!

– You will start to feel better and better when you’ll start consuming healthy and cut back on unhealthy foods. Replace chips and sweets with fruits and also vegetables. You’ll notice a huge difference.

– Now imagine what eating tons of lean proteins can do for your body. Nuts, beans, and lean beef are fairly good for you as long as you don’t eat the fat!

– Take your time and enjoy the experience of consuming whole grains foods. Always check the food labels and check if they contain “100% whole grain”, as I assume that you already know that whole grain products keep you full longer, which also assist you with easy abdominal weight reduction as well as obtaining that flatter tummy you desire.

– And as the same way above… eat low-fat milk products. Replace the high fat dairy product with low-fat ones, as they are rich in proteins and vitamin B6.

– Allow yourself and drift through eating smaller meals through your day. To flatten your tummy, you need to eat 4-5 smaller portion size meals each and every day. In fact that’s the BIG SECRET for obtaining nice and tightly stomach. By eating enough thus not over eating your-self you’ll actually discover how to get a flat stomach fast and recommend your friends too.

Now, the point is that you always wait until you feel the hunger before decide and consume another delicious meal of yours. But remember, you must focus on preventing eating sugary products, and just eating healthful foods – as sugary is only going to make you feel exhausted and can cause you to crave more of the same. I assume you already know that this sugary intake is a vicious thing!

Avoid Sugary For Flatter Tummy

– A good habit of eating foods that have low % of glycemic ingredients on the index scale. The below ones simply need more time to digest in your stomach, so that way you’ll feel full for longer time. It is scientifically proven that the human body will slowly consume the nutrients thus preventing any glucose falls and raises in your blood stream until your next meal. A few of the finest low GI foods are:

  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Zucchini
  • Dark leaf lettuce
  • Onions
  • Pears
  • Tomatoes
  • Watercress
  • Broccoli
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Berries
  • Whole wheat grains, barley or oatmeal

A good habit For Healthy Abdominal Part

– Every-body knows this… Avoid eating anything heavily digestible before sleeping, because your body can’t digest the consumed foods as it rests during the night. Another thing to mention is that IF you consume foods before bad time, than be prepared for fat storage on your belly and forget about how to get a flat stomach in a week, as eating before bed do just that, gathers fat on your waist!

For Better Health

– Absolutely! Drink lots of water. Do this immediately, finish reading this article and stop using sugary and soda drinks. Water can make weight loss simpler because when consuming enough water your metabolism remains active and burns more calories. If you are not used to drink plain water, you can always do the well-known trick; adding some lemon drops in it. Another great benefit when consuming enough water is that your body stays hydrated.

Here is a proven health expert tip from which you can benefit and see if your body is hydrated or dehydrated:

[stextbox id=”info”]

  • Tip: If your urine is yellow then you are dehydrated; if the same is translucent or crystal clear then your body is hydrated!


Additionally, if you hate doing hard exercises here is one little tip for you and it takes almost no time at all. As you will be doing daily movements, here is a great warm-up workout which is mostly overlooked from all flat stomach exercises available today.

In the morning, while you’re still in bed lie on your back, place your hands behind your head and bend your legs. Lift and drop your upper part of your body 20 times for about 2 cm of your bed.

The second exercise is also well known as easy too. Take the same position from the above exercise, but put your hands near your body. Start lifting your butt two centimeters from your bed, repetitions: ten times.

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  • Note: Repeat these exercises several times and eventually increase the number of the same as you progress.


And here you go, remember that you must put your effort and hearth craving into this. Just think about it. There is no other way for how to get a flat stomach if you avoid using all these tips. How would you achieve and obtain that thinner tummy you desire? If i am missing something here, please share.

Cheers and till next time…

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    1. Hey Jonell.

      One of them is apples. Yup apples acid actually helps belly reduction.

      + don’t forget exercising which is important too. Diet alone won’t help in QUICK weight loss.

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